• Ibrahim Ereibi was born in 1955 in Alexandria, Egypt . He graduated from Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering , University of Alexandria 1978.
  • In 1981 he established Ereibi for Engineering Design in Alexandria .

Owner and General Manager of for Engineering Design


Bachelor of science in Architectural Engineering,1978 Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria university.

  • Register as Architect in the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate , (No., 4319/4)
  • Alexandria Business Association.
  • Ingenieurs francophone d’Alexandrie.

During 30 years, Ereibi for Engineering Design is devoted to provide unique design proposals for every client, because we have a profound belief that every client deserves having a special perspective providing the right function and the realistic design with a inspired approach.

Furthermore, Ereibi for Engineering Design main principle is to create for our clients a high level of design quality combined with suspicious care to their budgets and planned achievement dates.

In addition, Ereibi for Engineering Design offer our clients a full design service adapted to ensemble their requirements from the conceptual stage through design development, tender and contract documentation to site completion studied by expertise in order to have the best quality combined with elegance.

Since we had a wide experience gained during 3o years, we understand our clients’ objectives:

  • Use the budget to the greatest effect.
  • Attain standards and functional requirements.
  • Provide a product that is energy and maintenance efficient to protect long term investment.

Ereibi for Engineering Design apply creative innovation to provide design solutions that meet our clients’ requirements remaining sensitive to varying cultural differences and the type and style of each particular project.